Arri Amira 4K HD Camera with Prime Lenses

Canon C300 HD Camera with Prime Lenses

Panasonic AG-AF100 with Prime Lenses

DJI UAV Inspire One

Panasonic HDX900 HD Cameras

Full Equipment List


Arri Amira 4K HD Cameras with B4 and PL Mounts
Canon C300 HD Cameras with EF and PL Mounts
Panasonic HD 900 Cameras with Broadcast HD Lenses
AF 100 HD Camera with EF/PL mount
GoPro Hero 4 HD cameras
Any other cameras are available upon request. We have full rental Insurance.


Zeiss CP2 85mm
Zeiss CP2 50mm
EF Canon Lenses
HD Broadcast Video Lenses
HD Broadcast Wide Angle Lens
Fisheye Adptor

Camera Support

Sachter Video 18 Tripods
Hi Hat


Ikan Portable HD Monitors
Panasonic 15′ HD Monitior
Panasonic Portable HD Monitors

Sliders – Jibs – Movi

Available upon Request

Audio Packages

Full Audio Mixers with 2 Wireless Lavliere/Stick Mics
Sennheiser 416 Boom Microphones with windscreens
Sony 77 Hardwire Lavaliere Microphones
Hard Drive Recorders
XLR Cables and Special Equipment available upon request


1×1 LED Bi Colors Lights
Joker 400 HMI Lights with Diffusion
650 Arri Fresnel Lights with Chimira Boxes
300 Arri Fresnel Lights
150 Arri Fresnel Lights
Stands, Sand bags and Grip Equipment
Background Scrims and Flags
Flexfill cards
Power Cords
10×10 Outdoors Tents

External Recorders

Atomos Ninja Blade HD Monitor/Recorders

Live Broadcast Kits

AJA Send and Receive Fiber Converters
4 way 1000 foot fiber reels
Dial up Boxes for PL and IFB Connection
Return Monitors
XLR/BNC 100 ft Cables
Adaptors and special connectors are available