Lori M. Berlin

Tevelady MEDIA

Sal Paolantonio

I’ve got 22 years at ESPN and one of the main reasons I’ve survived and flourished for so long is directly a result of the help and support I have received during my career from the TV professionals at Orlando Video. Simply put, they’ve always made me look good. And made it look easy doing it.

When I show up at an NFL stadium on Sunday morning, or any ESPN shoot for any sport or any courthouse, and I see a member of the Orlando Video crew, it puts my mind at ease. I can focus on what I need to do: gather information and make the right on camera presentation, knowing full well that they have everything else covered.

There have been many times where ESPN has asked me to work without an ESPN producer. I always say, “Yeah, ok, but you got to give me Dominic Orlando or one of his guys and we’ll be good. They can produce and shoot and handle the sound.” I don’t say that about any other video production crew – anywhere in the country. Orlando Video is like my family — I mean my real family. I would trust Dominic and his crew with anything, right down to taking care of my grandchild. That’s how much I trust him and his crew – as people and professionals.

Carly Lindsay

Dominic is always responsive and finds us crews, even on short notice, for a variety of jobs. Everyone he uses is experienced and professional. We don’t need to worry when he or one of his crews is on the job. Dominic and his crews have been working with us for years. They have a great reputation. When we tell a team or reporter Dominic will be on site, they are always happy to have him.

Knowledge. Dominic and his guys know the ins and outs of what we do and what is needed technically. If we’re doing something new, they work with us to figure it out. They always have the equipment needed, big or small.Working with crews from around the country, we consider Dominic among the best nationally.

Patrick J Harris

As part of MLB Network, and previously with MLB Productions, I have hired OVP on many occasions for various ENG crew shoots. These shoots have varied from sit down interviews for post produced documentaries, to run and gun style elements for the same type of shows and b-roll shooting for our corporate sponsors at recent various MLB Jewel Events.

I enjoy working with OVP because they provide a wide variety of crew members as well as camera styles. If footage needs to be thrown in for a live show, they can shoot on tape that we can quickly pull and send to our various video players to make air in time. If we are shooting for more long-form programs, OVP has upgraded to the latest card reading cameras such as the Arri Amira, which can be easily media managed after we wrap.

Since I usually deal with crews in local areas throughout the country, OVP is open for travel to cities well beyond their local market to provide the best quality of work. They are always open to suggestion, plus can provide as much in return to give us and other customers different ways of thinking when requesting footage needs. Moving forward I will continue to hire and work with OVP whenever necessary.

Christene Martin

Freelance Producer

From the moment I began working with Orlando Video Productions in August of 2014, I was impressed with the professionalism and pride displayed by the crew. Dominic and his staff are supremely knowledgeable and talented. I consider myself lucky, and quite frankly spoiled, to be paired with OVP staff on regular basis when working for NFL Network. Every person at Orlando Video Productions shows up ready to work, with a “can do” attitude. There is never a task too tall for that crew, they are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make sure your project is delivered on time, and at a very high quality. Working with the OVP has made me a better producer.