Rewind, Fast Forward.

Let’s take a journey back in time with OVP Crews. You see, the production landscape was so different when Dominic started shooting video professionally. In 1994, he was working at CNBC’s America’s Talking, one of the first live talk channels. Dominic traveled every month with a satellite truck all over the country using a rented Betacam to bring the latest news into 10 million homes. After two years, Dominic decided to open up shop on his own. He also married his lovely wife, Kimberly!

Dominic began shooting entertainment news for Access Hollywood doing a ton of movie premieres and junkets. You’d often see him on red carpets with Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Cindy Crawford and too many other celebs to name in one blog! Dominic shot events from Victoria’s Secret runway shows to the Grammys. You’d catch him behind the camera for Fox News at Presidential speeches with George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Then there was football, basketball, baseball, boxing for ESPN, NBA Entertainment and others.

By 1998, Dominic owned his own Betacam and OVP was becoming a thriving production company. Kimberly left her full time job as an operating room nurse to join the family business. As the video landscape changed, Dominic bought a high definition camera and upgraded his equipment to offer the latest and best technology to his clients. He also brought on a team of exceptionally capable people to support all the new OVP business.

They captured some of the most unforgettable footage – from the World Series (GO YANKEES!!) to the Stanley Cup playoff games. He was in Oklahoma City after the bombing and in California for the O.J. Simpson trial. In fact, Dominic was stationed outside the courthouse interviewing people in the LA community before, during, and after the verdict was revealed. Then, in 2001, Dominic covered the September 11th aftermath for Fox News Channel for three weeks from Liberty State Park. One of his most memorable days at work was shooting on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange the first time the market reopened after the terrorist attacks.

The OVP team doesn’t just report a story, we purposely shoot video so the viewer feels a part of what’s happening. This sets OVP apart from other production companies. Today we have NINE HD cameras in all shapes and sizes, plus lots of other bells and whistles. Our OVP team has grown into a large family (not all Orlandos!) with a roster of the industry’s best production crews.