What’s on the Horizon (Or in the Sky)?

By Dominic Orlando

One of the most exciting advancements in photo/video production is the emergence of UAVs (unmanned aircraft vehicle), also known as drones. A drone will capture amazing angles and views unlike anything you’ll see from ground level. Using aerial photography and footage in your content adds significantly to the storytelling process, and we are proud to be one of the first companies to offer this option to clients. We are a fully licensed and insured 107.29 FAA operator of UAVs with multiple drones in-house.

When we got a call about a big construction project at a marina, we knew that our 4K HD drone would be the best way to show how a massive dredging process would benefit slip owners. This was something you really could not just shoot from land. An aerial view was essential to completely tell this story, and OVP provided the extraordinary footage capturing the size and scope of the marina improvement plan.

After a major storm caused damage throughout a NJ community, we went out with one of our drones to survey the rooftop of a nursing school in Trenton. In the past, only helicopters or blimps would fly over situations like this to get a comprehensive view of the area. Now, we’re getting clients all the photos and video at a fraction of the cost.

With the emerging technology of the drone today comes lots of confusion in the marketplace. The FAA continues to write and rewrite the rules and regulations on the use of the drone. We fondly refer to this period as “the wild west.” Rules change quickly, and we are committed to staying keenly aware of these changes to ensure safety and compliance. Being nationally licensed, fully insured and FAA certified, OVP Crews meets the stringent registration and licensing requirements for operating drones.  We safely and effectively provide photography and video from land, sea, or up in the air!  With state-of-the-art drones in our portfolio, there is virtually no place we won’t go!