Moving Day with MōVI Pro

When the team at Good Morning Football packed up to relocate to a new studio in New York City, we went along with our MōVI Pro.

If you’re trying to get some great shots on the move, it can be challenging to hold small cameras like a DSLR or C-300. The MōVI Pro can be the perfect fit for a steady camera shot. Move it around, turn it, go high, go low, flip it. The MōVI Pro uses state of the art built-in technology to capture tracking shots with flexibility and ease. The handheld system eliminates the need to wear a bulky harness. All the MōVI Pro cables, which also allow us to plug in different monitors and focus capabilities, are conveniently housed inside the carbon fiber enabling complete mobility. The improved batteries activate all the moving parts in the MōVI Pro, keeping everything steady and you kind of feel like you’re floating smoothly as you move around.

All this matters when you want to shoot side to side, see moving cars, get jib like shots, or grab footage from the back of a truck at a parade. The MōVI Pro makes shooting fast paced and moving scenes a breeze. We’ve also used the smaller MōVI, like when we were at spring training for ESPN.

For our GMFB shoot, we hooked up a wireless HD monitor, so the producer could stand off to the side and see all the shots we were getting.

Running behind and alongside the team of GMFB with the MōVI Pro was a fun and engaging way to follow Kay Adams, Kyle Brandt, Nate Burleson and Peter Schrager around town as they made their way to their new location in Times Square.

Here are some behind the scenes photos and video of us with the MōVI Pro in action. Also, check out the final NFL Network piece which aired at the top of the GMFB show the day the team opened their show from their new set at the NFL Experience.


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