OVP Crews Cruise

by Dominic Orlando

What’s your perfect day? If Royal Caribbean International has anything to do with it, your perfect day will be on their private island in the Bahamas. This sounds great to me, especially after doing a video shoot at the unveiling of this amazing vacation resort, CocoCay.

We used one of OVP’s ARRI Amira cameras to capture a ton of beautiful, warm, sunshiny video on what was an unseasonably cold day in Manhattan.

In order to really set the right mood at the CocoCay launch event, Royal Caribbean provided virtual reality headsets. People really felt like they were on the island, enjoying ocean breezes and the sound of soft rolling waves.  They were even taken away on the tallest waterslide in the country and enjoyed a vantage point of this tropical paradise from a balloon 450 feet in the air. From careening on a 1600 foot zip line to swimming in the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, everyone can enjoy the most PERFECT day!  Ahhhh… the fun and serenity of a golden beach and aqua blue ocean. VR video is so the way to go!

Royal Caribbean incorporated all our footage into an electronic press kit which was shared all over the world. Maybe next time we’ll share our CocoCay blog post from our comfortable beach chair in the Bahamas!