Utilizing professionally produced photos and video footage is one of the best ways to attract prospective clientele. From hotels and resorts, to bars, restaurants, and more, we will help you design, budget, and design exactly what you need to take your promotional efforts to the next level. Taking potential customers from simply noticing your venue to wishing they were there
is the experience we will create and produce for you.

While creativity is key in portraying your hospitality venue, we also believe in staying true to your branding. OVP works closely with each client to ensure a full understanding of his or her marketing goals and then formats a concept to match.

We will work with you during the construction phases of the venue and present before, during, and after stages of a new building as well as work with you to incorporate the phases of a remodel. Or we can simply capture the final product. We work proficiently with UAV’s (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) that capture high-resolution shots and video up to 300 feet in the air, ideal when shooting large properties or property features that are lost in typical video shoots. Additionally, UAV’s coverage offers aerial data acquisition allowing us to capture photos and video used in mapping, inspections, construction, and development.

Looking to properly portray your space with enticing video coverage or photography? OVP will work to bring your vision to life and attract clientele from all around. We can be reached at 732.995.5001 or visit our contact page.