Are you or your company in need of a video production crew for your next documentary? OVP has extensive experience in producing documentaries of all depths, styles, and sizes. We have worked on projects as small as Internet videos and as large and complex as feature length productions such as the film Every Little Step that documented the revival of the Broadway favorite A Chorus Line.

OVP’s production team will develop and produce an entire integrated project or abridged segments to meet your needs. We also work on behind the scenes footage, whether you are looking to use it in the actual documentary or possibly as outtakes. As the project manager on each job, you can be assured that our outstanding team will handle every facet from scripting and staging to post-production to deliver a product that will be unified, error free, and effective.

For documentaries looking to capture vast landscapes or an array of wide shots, we use UAV’s (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) that take high-resolution shots from ground level to 300 feet in the air. This is possible for both photography and cinematography, depending on your project’s needs.

Professionalism mixed with creativity and a desire to produce the best work in the Tri-State area is what makes OVP a trusted name in video production. We look forward to helping you create your next documentary. Call OVP at 732.995.5001 or visit our contact page.