Meet Chuck

We want to highlight an essential member of our team this month.  Meet Chuck.

Chuck loves to tell good stories and has mastered his storytelling behind the lens of the camera as a member of the OVP Crews team.

In only five short years post college graduation, Chuck is telling some unforgettable stories.  Like the one where he literally followed the Philadelphia Eagles this past season as they became the unexpected Super Bowl Champs! The Sixers also kept Chuck and OVP busy this season. With such young talent on the team, Chuck brought their incredible season and playoff run to light behind the lens.

“Chuck is a guy I can really count on,” says Dominic, the owner of Orlando Video Productions. “He really knows the ins and outs of the Arri Amira 4K HD and Canon C300 HD gear and is adept at adjusting on the fly when the situation calls for it.” Like when he was part of the OVP Crews team in Minnesota covering the Super Bowl. Temps dropped to 16 below and Chuck’s crew was assigned to shoot the team buses departing their hotels for U.S. Bank Stadium. Chuck braved the cold protecting himself from frostbite by adding lots of extra layers, everywhere.

Chuck, also a Jersey guy, developed his love for video in Jackson Memorial High School when he was making short films with his classmates. He was hooked!  Chuck went on to study Radio, TV, Film in Ocean Community College then Rowan University. He became adept at audio engineering while also perfecting his camera operating skills. One of Chuck’s early gigs was as an A1 at a small TV station in Cherry Hill, NJ. Soon after, he connected with Dominic and the next thing Chuck knew he was at MetLife Stadium shooting footage of the NFL Draft for over five hours. Dominic put him behind a camera on that first day and went onto another job elsewhere. When he returned, Chuck was still shooting, presumably with no food or bathroom break. That’s dedication!

Chuck loves what he does because, “Every day is different.” He gets to go to places and see people he normally wouldn’t be able to. He enjoys being out and about and not stuck in an office all day.  Even at minus 16 degrees!

Moving Day with MōVI Pro

When the team at Good Morning Football packed up to relocate to a new studio in New York City, we went along with our MōVI Pro.

If you’re trying to get some great shots on the move, it can be challenging to hold small cameras like a DSLR or C-300. The MōVI Pro can be the perfect fit for a steady camera shot. Move it around, turn it, go high, go low, flip it. The MōVI Pro uses state of the art built-in technology to capture tracking shots with flexibility and ease. The handheld system eliminates the need to wear a bulky harness. All the MōVI Pro cables, which also allow us to plug in different monitors and focus capabilities, are conveniently housed inside the carbon fiber enabling complete mobility. The improved batteries activate all the moving parts in the MōVI Pro, keeping everything steady and you kind of feel like you’re floating smoothly as you move around. Continue reading “Moving Day with MōVI Pro”

What’s on the Horizon (Or in the Sky)?

By Dominic Orlando

One of the most exciting advancements in photo/video production is the emergence of UAVs (unmanned aircraft vehicle), also known as drones. A drone will capture amazing angles and views unlike anything you’ll see from ground level. Using aerial photography and footage in your content adds significantly to the storytelling process, and we are proud to be one of the first companies to offer this option to clients. We are a fully licensed and insured 107.29 FAA operator of UAVs with multiple drones in-house. Continue reading “What’s on the Horizon (Or in the Sky)?”

Before the Parade Passed By

The road to Super Bowl LII was like no other ride we’ve taken at OVP Crews. We’ve had some time to reflect on the 2017 NFL season, going all the way back to our training camp interview with Carson Wentz on a hot summer’s day.

For Dominic and our OVP Crews team, this past Super Bowl had a different vibe. We had a connection to one of the teams. Throughout the season, Lincoln Financial Field was like a second home to us. If there was an Eagles story to cover, we were there. So it was exciting to see one of the teams we cover regularly make it all the way to Minneapolis. Continue reading “Before the Parade Passed By”

Rewind, Fast Forward.

Let’s take a journey back in time with OVP Crews. You see, the production landscape was so different when Dominic started shooting video professionally. In 1994, he was working at CNBC’s America’s Talking, one of the first live talk channels. Dominic traveled every month with a satellite truck all over the country using a rented Betacam to bring the latest news into 10 million homes. After two years, Dominic decided to open up shop on his own. He also married his lovely wife, Kimberly! Continue reading “Rewind, Fast Forward.”

Welcome to OVP

By: Dominic Orlando

This is my first blog, so I’m going big with our first official OVP Crews newsletter! I have so much to share with you, starting with explaining our name.

When people see “Orlando” they think we’re based in Florida. Oh how nice it would be to be down south, especially after spending New Year’s Eve outdoors at a football game in Philly. Rain, snow, hot, cold, indoors or out, our OVP team thrives in every location. So, although we are not based in Florida, we travel there and anywhere to meet the needs of our clients. Continue reading “Welcome to OVP”

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